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Hotel Danube Bratislava
Hotel Danube Bratislava
It’s best to choose based on either price/service level or location. Within either of these criteria, you will probably still have several hotels from which to choose. See also the special tips section for information on finding hotels close to family activities, business or nightlife.

Price/Service Level

Bratislava’s four-star hotels (both of the large international type and the boutiques) provide service at a very high level. Rooms are on a par with those of comparable hotels throughout Europe. The larger hotels generally have a choice of restaurants and business services, as well as other amenities, usually including indoor swimming and/or fitness rooms (inquire for details). Boutique hotels are of course smaller, but with an even stronger attention given to personal and design details. Breakfast, almost always included in the price, tends to be an extensive buffet. Most are located in the historical Old Town.

Mid-range hotels in Bratislava cover all the basic services at a very satisfactory level: a reliable reception desk and at least one restaurant or bar. Rooms sometimes tend to be plainer, but include all standard amenities, including private bath, telephone and television. Some hotels in this category offer some services at a four-star level, such as business services, high-quality design and worthwhile restaurants. Again, breakfast is probably included in the price. Locations vary, with a few in Old Town but most located somewhat further away, usually adjacent to business centres.

Hostels in Bratislava provide basic housing. Rooms are very simple, with bathrooms usually shared. Telephones and other extras are not directly in the rooms, although are available in the building. Location is further away from the city centre, though always with good access to both public transportation and parking spaces.

Finally, self-service apartments are now available as an attractive alternative for those who enjoy roomy accommodations at bargain prices – and a chance to sample how the locals live. With restaurants and supermarkets available throughout Bratislava’s Old Town (where these apartments tend to be located), staying in these apartments offers the best comforts of home.


As a general rule, the Old Town holds the finest hotels (as well as apartment accommodations), together with a few less-expensive alternatives. Business and manufacturing areas, as well as residential neighbourhoods, tend to have a good hotel nearby. If you’re looking for a place to stay in a specific area of town, you will find many of these good hotels (usually two- or three-star).

  • Families with children will likely be happiest in the Old Town. Easy access to strolls through the beautiful streets at any hour will be much appreciated by the younger set, and many activities (including Bibiana, the fascinating art-oriented children’s museum) are at hand. There are no large parks at your doorstep, but these are five or ten minutes away by car or public transport – or in fair weather by a stroll across the Danube (in itself a popular if somewhat noisy energy-burner).
    There are two Old Town options that have proven especially attractive, each for different reasons. The larger, more expensive hotels offer indoor swimming and often other child-friendly amenities, much like similar hotels you may know from elsewhere. On the other hand, families are often most comfortable, and can save a good deal of money, in a self-service apartment where you can prepare your own snacks at your convenience.

  • Nightlife in Bratislava centres in Old Town, with its countless memorable bars and cafes along every scenic pedestrians-only street. The larger, louder dance clubs are further away. The renowned and cheap Slovak beers make it worth noting: you can easily get between these places, or to any hotel except those outside of Bratislava, by taxi or public transportation within twenty minutes or less.

  • Business and conference activity is well known to most hotels in Bratislava, from two-star upwards. Of course the best service and the largest meeting rooms are provided by the most expensive hotels. Most hotels, however, have at least some meeting rooms, and will be happy to arrange special services as well – though advance notice is always advisable.

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