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Your most secret dreams will come true in Bratislava - You can get closer to them with the Bratislava Vienna shuttle service

Bratislava DowntownBratislava is the capital city of the Slovak Republic. The first steps of the tourists from all over the world lead from the airport to Bratislava – the city with almost half a million of inhabitants that lies on both sides of the river Danube. Mr. Duriška – the owner of GL Trade s.r.o. - shuttle Vienna Bratislava – undertook to be our guide.

„It is true that Bratislava is the seat of a number of international institutions. The United Nations Development Fund for Europe - UNDP Europe – started its activities in Bratislava in 1997. The International Visegrad Fund came three years later. The Bratislava Stock-Exchange and the Bratislava Commodities Exchange has its seat here as well,“ informs the owner of shuttle Bratislava Vienna, Mr.Duriška.

The international institutions attract the international environment, but Bratislava does not offer only the institutions. While being transferred by your taxi transfer service from Vienna airport to the city, do the visitors of Bratislava ask also about the memories and life in Bratislava?

„In the majority of cases we travel from Bratislava airport and to Bratislava airport with 4 or maximum 8 persons – small groups. We are ready to transfer up to 50 people. A lot of people ask us which parts of Bratislava are worth visiting and we always recommend the Old Town. The Urban memorial reserve that is located around the reconstructed Bratislava castle is one of the largest ones in Slovakia. Nearby the castle we always point out to the National Council of the Slovak Republic and we definitely recommend the St. Martin´s Cathedral. The tourists should not miss the Main Square, Grassalkovich Palace – The Presidential Palace and the Primate´s Palace“ adds the owner of the company – operator of airport taxi transfers from Vienna to Bratislava and back.

Bratislava is the city of culture, various events. Is it true that the tourists and the visitors of the capital of SR, Bratislava, come often with taxi transfer from the airport and to the airport in Bratislava only for weekends?

„The Bratislava Musical Festival in Redoute that is organized every year and conducted by the Slovak Philharmonic is one of the cultural attractions. The Bratislava Film Festival is popular among film fans. The Slovak National Theatre attracts with its opera as well as ballet and the Slovak National Gallery invites the ones enjoying art. The tourists often visit the Coronation Festival in Bratislava with historical moments of Bratislava as the coronation town. There are also lots of festivals, concerts and night life rich in nightclubs in the historical centre and its surroundings, particularly on Obchodná ulica street and the Square of Slovak National Uprising (Námestie SNP). The events connected with New Year´s Celebration in Bratislava change the city to the centre of fun and vibrant life that is becoming more and more popular among the people from closer or further neighbourhood,“ admits Mr. Duriška from Bratislava Airport Taxi Transfer.

Bratislava offers numerous attractions and vibrant life. As an owner of company that provides airport taxi transfer services, you definitely have your own favourite places in Bratislava. How do you see Bratislava?

„I can always relax in Bratislava during walks on the Danube waterfront with a view on the New bridge with the UFO restaurant and with a viewing platform. It is unique in the world, it is the seventh biggest hanging bridge in the world. The Apollo bridge is the largest bridge in the world the construction of which was made on land and after that it was anchored on the other riverside of Danube by its turning. Bratislava can fulfil even your most secret dreams. It is the cultural centre of Slovakia with numerous museums, galleries, theatres, scientific and educational institutions. I am proud of the first university on the territory of Slovakia - Universitas Istropolitana. I like to visit the Slovak National Museum and the Bratislava City Museum with the history of the city that was established in 1868,“ finished Mr. Duriška from GL Trade s.r.o. - taxi service providing transfers of tourists and visitors of Bratislava with airport transfers from the Bratislava airport.


Bratislava Airport Taxi Transfer pricelist 
Route Up to 4 passengers
with baggage
Up to 8 passengers
with baggage
Bratislava City / Airport - Vienna Airport 59 EURO 79 EURO
Vienna Airport - Bratislava City / Airport 59 EURO 79 EURO
Bratislava City / Airport - Vienna city center 75 EURO 105 EURO
Vienna city center - Bratislava City / Airport 75 EURO 105 EURO
Bratislava City - Bratislava Airport 19 EURO 35 EURO
Bratislava Airport - Bratislava City 19 EURO 35 EURO
Bratislava City / Airport - Budapest City / Airport 220 EURO 275 EURO
Budapest City / Airport - Bratislava City / Airport 220 EURO 275 EURO
Bratislava City / Airport - Prague City / Airport 325 EURO 385 EURO
Prague City / Airport - Bratislava City / Airport 325 EURO 385 EURO


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