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Bibiana, International House of Art for Children

This unique museum has no permanent collection or display, but presents various outstanding temporary exhibitions. Some are in Bratislava as part of an international circuit, but almost all are authored by creative local designers.

Children aged about 3 to 11 love Bibiana, whose identity pivots on all manner of creative arts. Examples of recent exhibitions include:

  • The Little Prince
  • The world of Hans Christian Andersen
  • various exhibits focusing on puppetry
  • various exhibits dedicated to the senses (sight, hearing etc.)
  • a ground-floor gallery, which usually features either paintings or books, often with imaginative seating or browsing areas

In a typical month, all three of Bibiana’s exhibit areas host guests. At least one or two are typcially designed for hands-on interactivity. This might be playground-style equipment that puts in motion key concepts and motifs, a do-it-yourself puppet theatre, or themed drawing and colouring areas.

Bibiana is located in a lovely old town house at Panska 41, adjacent to the massive St Martins cathedral. Allow at least an hour for your visit – and don’t forget your camera.

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