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Markets in Bratislava

Although Bratislava’s street markets lack the charm of London’s and Paris’, and the scale of Vienna’s, certain seasons deserve special attention.

Christmas Market
Temporary stalls colourfully fill the two largest squares in Old Town, offering a wide variety of hand-crafted souvenirs suitable for seasonal gifts or decorations. Food and drink is on plentiful offer as well – it’s one of the easiest times of the year to enjoy street food prepared at smoky grills. Finally, the city organises an abundant musical program, where some of the region’s best amateur groups perform. It runs from mid November until Christmas time.

Fruit and Vegetable Markets
Locally-grown fruits and vegetables throughout Slovakia are of exceptionally high quality – but only in season. There’s a very good chance that the person from whom you buy knows where the stuff was grown. In some cases, he or she may have grown it in a private garden or farm.

You will find one or more rows of green metal stalls provided for local growers (and often used by others, selling such non-Slovak produce as bananas and oranges, and even cleaning supplies!), in many residential neighbourhoods around the city. Inside Old Town, the only place to find seasonal and other produce is the century-old indoor Stara Trznica. However, small local producers sell within a few hundred meters of the main bus and train stations.

The best local fruits and vegetables in Slovakia tend to be the following (with approximate peak seasons for produce with briefer peaks):

Apricots – July and August
Cherries – June to August
Grapes – early autumn
Peaches – late summer
Plums – September
Strawberries – June

Asparagus – April to June
Carrots, Green onions, Peppers, Salad lettuce
Tomatoes – August

Stara Trznica
In its historic building originally opened in 1910, this faithfully restored indoor market functions today under its period glass dome. It’s a rather small but colourful place, focused on fruits, vegetables and flowers but also featuring a variety of local favourite fast foods. Just at the edge of Old Town, near Tesco’s department store.

A pleasant and good-sized year-round indoor market built in the communist era, selling the freshest of local produce (including forest produce like herbs and mushrooms) as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts, and various general merchandise. Located on many public transportation lines about 3 kilometers from Old Town, not far from the Polus City Center shopping mall.

This largest outdoor market is dominated by cheap Asian imports and similar goods. Roughly half-way between Old Town and the airport, about a kilometer from the Polus shopping mall.

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